Civilization and Transcendence

Civilization and Transcendence

Srila Prabhupada’s replies to a questionnaire from Bhavan’s Journal. An overview of Krishna consciousness. In this small book Srila Prabhupada addresses the fallacies of our modern so-called advanced civilization. After pointing out that today the vast majority of people do not know what real progress is, he explains that in the Vedic civilization people strive not for the false progress of economic development but rather for the true advancement of self-realization and God-realization.

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One of my Favorite Quotes

If you love somebody, you must give him something and you must accept something from him. You must disclose your mind to him and he should disclose his mind to you. And you should give him some eatable and whatever eatable thing he offers, you accept. These six kinds of exchange develop love.

But if you do not even know the person, then where is the question of love? Suppose you love some boy or some girl, then you will give some present, and he or she gives you some present – that develops love. You give something to eat, and whatever he or she gives you to eat, you eat. You disclose your mind: “My dear such-and-such, I love you. This is my ambition.” And he or she makes some disclosure. These are the exchanges of love.

But if there is no person-to-person meeting, where is the question of love? If I claim to love somebody, but I visit his house only once a week and ask,“Please give me such-and-such,” where is the exchange of love? Love means there is some exchange. If you love somebody but you have not given anything to that person or taken anything from him, where is the love?

Chapter 12 How To Love God